Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Drama as the University of Maidugurie students got Caught

On the 28th of December Students of university of maiduguri at around 4:20pm in the school dormitory alongside a staff were caught smoking weed and some hard drugs,some weird electronics were also confiscated from them.according to one of them,a female tho who was high already said she was smoking on her admission letter because she wants to get high grades!!??

can you imagine the effect of weed.the dean of student affairs was so upset about this outburst and promised to deal with them they were caught by the school security and are presently in detention in the school cell,according to sources we were told that their matters would be sent to the school senate and proper punishment/judgment would be made.The names of the students are yet to be disclosed we will keep you updated as more news about this students unfolds

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