Saturday, 17 September 2016

Sponsored: Top 4 ways to earn extra income in Nigeria today

Okay let’s start with some reality. the country is getting tougher by the day. Jobs are paying less. Companies are downsizing and the only thing that seems to be on a steady rise is the cost of living. Your not so bad 100k salary 2 years ago cannot even buy ordinary 40 inch TV today.

That’s for those who even earn up to 100k. How about those that have been applying for job for years and still nothing.

The truth is, we could all do with that little income boost. Whether you don’t have a job, you have a low paying job or even if you earn a fairly decent pay, we still need more. So here are a few ways to earn a little extra monthly.

1. Learn a craft
Handcrafts are one of the quickest and easiest options for anyone who is looking to earn extra cash. Today, the country is booming with makeup artistes, bead makers, fashion designers, etc, and they are quickly taking over the market and making names for themselves out of something they paid virtually nothing to learn. All it takes is some will and determination and you could be earning big from something that started out as virtually nothing. 

2. Become A Blogger
Ok so let’s do a little naming, LindaIkeji, BellaNaija,, Olorisupergal, Ynaija, TechCabal, LadunLiadi etc. The list of successful online platforms goes on and on. Blogging is one of the quickest ways to make money (or so they say) in Nigeria and with the continuous success stories of local bloggers who started small, there is more than enough inspiration for anyone who might want to venture into it. All you need is a good laptop, good Internet connection and an ability to create the right content.

You can do it too!!!

Let’s move on.

3. Become Your Area’s Paypoint Agent
Quickteller Paypoint is a product that brings banking services to Nigerian doorsteps by making it possible to pay DSTV, StarTimes, GOtv, Internet and Electricity bills, buy recharge cards and even transfer funds to friends and family across the country from any store or stand in your neighbourhood. Those who are looking for jobs can apply to become Paypoint agents and even those who have jobs can use it as a side hustle. As seen on this Nairaland post and on this FAQ all you need to become an agent is a phone.

4. Grow Your Following On Social Media
Many young Nigerians have been upgraded today to celebrities thanks to the pervasive nature of social media. In today’s marketing reality, brands spend millions on social media and digital marketing and a large chunk of that goes to individuals and platforms who command a massive following on social. Instagram’s Funny African Pics (1m+ followers on Instagram). Falz The Bahd Guy (1m+ followers on Instagram) - though a celebrated musician now, but we know he climbed to fame on the back of social media. Crazeclown (1.1m followers on Instagram) here again the list is endless. All it takes in an Internet enabled device with good camera quality and a talent that can be sold (comedy, music, writing etc.)

And remember if the few that are already doing it can, why can't you?

Go out there and make some extra cash today!

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