Friday, 9 September 2016

Sponsored: Reasons why you don’t have six packs abs

You have tried it all and can even recite them in your sleep; crunches, plank, bicycles and even agbo! But no, it didn’t lead to Flavour’s complete six packs o! Instead you just decided to give up and join the band wagon that claim the pot belly is an evidence of a heavy pocket and healthy living! Yimu!
Before you give up on that dream body that will have the girls ‘oohing’ and ‘ahhing’, let us remind you that you are the one in the way of that perfect tummy. Yes, bros, na your fault!

STRESS: We know that you want that promotion this year but that is one of the reasons why that mid-section is a struggle with your belt every day you dress up for the office! Whenever you feel stressed out, binge eating likely becomes a habit.  

GENETICS: This is the toughest to swallow but it’s for real. Some peeps have inherited the bulge from their ancestors and the bulge has refused to disappear by depending solely on bland diets. In this case, the bloat can be controlled from within to avoid health risks.

TGIF: We love Fridays but guy, do you know that each bottle of beer contains 43 calories and a bottle of Vodka contains 231 calories?! Oga, moderation is key o! While screaming TGIF up and down in the office before anyone else shuts down their laptops, are you aware that you can now replace these bottles with a warm cup of tea? 

With a daily cup of Flat Tummy Tea, whether the bloat is from stress, your ancestors and fore fathers or the regular TGIF with your friends, Flat Tummy Tea is packed with the natural, powerful moringa, oolong tea and cassia seeds to shed the bulge! With no artificial ingredients, Flat Tummy Tea is known to lower blood sugar, curb hunger and keep you energized! 

Flat tummy tea with Moringa is available for purchase nationwide. Payment on delivery options are also available. Visit call 09090607233, 09085653721, 08093932979, 09085653719, 09085653746, 09090607118.

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