Saturday, 17 September 2016

Sponsored: Onecoin business: why it's better than Bitcoin

What is one coin?
  •  One coin is a new type of crypto-currency
  •  A digitally created currency based on advanced mathematical algorithms
  • Born out of the success of Bitcoin
  • One-Coin is not pre-mined; the members will create the market, mine the coins and keep the profits.

  • One-Coin will be threaded on a public exchange
  • Highly lucrative yet simple and fair compensation plan
  • One coin has become the next successful crypto-currency on the market.
 Why digital currency?
1. To the “unbanked”
            •World Bank reports that 40% of adults, that is two billion people have no ‘banking’. No bank accounts.
           •No financial empowerments, no loans, no developments, no security, no hope.
           •Source of all major developing world problems
           •World’s No. 1 problems!
          • Person –person international money transfers
          • $583bn-2014 world bank
          • 9 countries -20% of GPD
          • Up to 29% cost. Average 7.7%
          • $22trn in business-business
          • Expensive, restricted, inconvenient
          • Crypto-currency – 80% cheaper, faster and unlimited.
          • If your income and wealth is based in a currency, it is dependent on the strength of a currency
          • Most curriencies are weak ‘strong’ currencies are being destroyed
•Increasing value of One-Coin(diagram)
 •One-Coin success bases on Bitcoin(diagram)

Why One-Coin is better than Bitcoin
• More advanced and more secure algorithm (SCRIPT)
• Smaller denomination makes coin more usable (2.1 Bn coins) –Bitcoin reached up to 1200 USD per coin, which made it inaccessible for many people and not practical as a currency
• One-exchange provides due to its centralization higher liquidity and less volatility, unlikely multiple Bit-Coin exchanges all settling at different rates.
• Dedicated management team responsible for strategy, ATTRACTING MERCHANTS AND BUILDING THE One coin brand versus decentralised approach of Bitcoin
• One-Coin is mined in mining pools (or teams), keeping individual investment in hardware etc. Minimal
• One-Coin uses KYC procedures and cannot be abused for illegal purposes like Bit-coin was.
• One-Coin is still in early stage and therefore interesting for investors, while Bitcoin is already very mature and the opportunity is over.

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