Thursday, 15 September 2016

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The rest is over both for kids and parents and for most families, back to school means heading to the mall for new school supplies, new clothes, book bags etc. Unfortunately, new gear doesn’t help kids prepare their brains for the new challenges that are introduced with the new school year.

In a bid to help parents know all it takes for a great academic year and furthermore the importance of seeking academic help for their kids as school resumes we caught up with Africa’s leading academic and learning solutions provider. We asked few insightful questions we believe parents need answers to and here is what they have to say.

Why is it most important for a parent to get extra academic help at this point which is the beginning of a new session?
As a matter of fact getting academic help is important at every point but most needed at this early stage. Studies show that kids lose about 2.6 months worth of learning during the summer. This means that kids often spend up to 6 weeks reviewing and simply getting back into the swing of things when school starts again, rather than learning new things. Furthermore, being set and equipped to learn from the first day of school gives a student a considerable advantage over other students.  A student who starts the new school year off ahead is more likely to stay ahead for the entire year.
What about Kids that had even a busy learning period over the summer, do they still need a jump start?
Yes they do, from experience we have seen that all children need continuous support all through the academic year especially the younger ones in nursery and primary as they are prone to learning loss if not frequently nurtured and tutored. While kids who learned all summer are cognitively set for a better start, there is still plenty that parents can do right now to help jump-start their children’s academic for the new school year.
What specific advice will you give parents, especially the ones who have their kids struggling with major subjects?
While it’s smart to get a head start in all classes, it’s especially important in core subjects like math. Having extra help with academics can make a big difference, especially as the learning curve gets steeper. Each year, the students learn not only new algorithms, but also new vocabulary and symbols. Geometry openswith proofs and logic problems. Algebra, with properties and proportions. All that newness can be overwhelming and it is only important for children to get the required assistant at a very early stage.
What makes Prepclass the most suitable solution?
At Prepclass our experienced tutors in Mathematics and other core subjects specialize in helping students familiarize themselves with new terms, new registers and develop smart study strategies before the clock starts counting down to the first test.
We have provided over 1000 parents with professional tutors in Lagos, Abuja and Portharcourt only for their children to become geniuses under few months of tutoring. Ourverified teacher/tutorhave exceptional teaching skills and will come teach your child and you can be assured that he/shewill attain the greatness you desire.
And here is the catch, our tutors do not just teach, and unlike school teachers theyprovide the best customized academic support based on the child’s learning ability.Our academic plan helps children plan, prioritize and reach their academic goals. As a result our students always feel confident, empowered and perform better inside the classroom and out
How do parents sign up?
Our processes are easy, parents can simply call us on 01-2913970 or 08059811502 and request for a professional tutor or fill our form here and get a prompt response.
Watch your child soar above peers, sign up todayto get a home tutor in Lagos, get a home tutor in Abuja, get a home tutor in Portharcourt.
If you haven’t seen this Prepclass video on the importance of customized learning solutions for your child, watch below.

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