Thursday, 15 September 2016

Photo as Cross River Most Beautiful Girl 2016, Victoria Ana suspended for 'lackadaisical attitude'

Cross River Most Beautiful Girl 2016, Victoria Ana has been suspended, according to a letter sent out

The letter dated September 12, 2016 and signed by former MBGN Isabella Ayuk states that Ana is being suspended for her lackadaisical attitude and for behaving in a manner not suitable for her position which has painted the title Cross River Most Beautiful Girl in negative limelight.
The letter also alleged that Ana, keeps; "Late nights with inexcusable excuses without due recourse to her office", her attitude has painted the office in negative limelight and utter disregard for invitations extended to the office to public functions which has painted the pageant In negative limelight."
The organizers therefore directed her to return the crown and sash to the office of the organizers and desist from parading herself as the winner of the pageant or risk being charged with impersonation among other crimes.
Furthermore, the suspension letter said that she can defend the allegations by writing to the organizers within seven days of receipt of the letter either by hand, mail or any other social media platform she used in communicating with the organization.

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