Friday, 9 September 2016

Love Birds: TV Host Frank Edoho writes sweet message about his wife, Sandra on her birthday

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire host, Frank Edoho's wife Sandra turned a year older today. The expectant mother of two took to Instagram to share a sweet message Frank sent to her mother.
"My mom forwarded me a message from my Husband to her this early morning....
Hello Mummy. I just want to thank you for giving birth to the most beautiful loving girl any man would be so lucky to have.

Your upbringing has given her discipline and a hard-working nature.
Your religious background has developed her into a God-fearing woman of God.
Your generosity has given her the spirit of selflessness.
Your love has strengthened her belief in family and unity.
On this occasion of her birthday, I find it wise to go to the source of who molded my wife to become the wonderful woman that she is now.
I don't deserve this kind of luck and happiness but I thank God and I thank you for everything you have done for me.
Be proud of your daughter just the way I am proud of my Wife.
God bless you on this occasion of Ijeoma's Birthday and I wish you long life and everlasting peace.
God bless you, Daddy, Teddy, Nnanna, Pastor Nkem for giving me life's most precious gift- a good , caring, loving, generous, God-fearing wife.
I will forever love all of you for that.
I thank you, Mummy Joy. God bless you.
Your Son-in-law,
Frank Edoho.

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