Thursday, 15 September 2016

Heart warming! Ice cream vendor cries after he was rewarded by kids he gave free ice cream 30 years ago in Kaduna

A while ago, A man named  Zaradn Espee wrote about Musa Halidu A.K.A 'Mai Ice Cream' a man who has been selling ice cream for over three decades in Kaduna State.
He wanted to reward the vendor for not only all the free ice cream he gave him and other kids 30 years ago but to also make life easier for him. He called on well meaning Nigerians to contribute towards the cause. Not only did the post get many retweets, shares and reposts, many people made donation.

On Saturday, September 10th, he drove down to Kaduna and handed over the N110 realized from Nigerians who were touched by the post. Below is his account of the emotional moment:
"WE MADE A MAN CRY...What was supposed to be an ice cream delivery turned out to be a big surprise for Musa Halidu A.K.A Mai ice cream as this group of people gathered and presented him with a total contribution of N110k, out of which 40k was given to him in cash and the balance of 70k to be deposited in an account he will open after sallah. And that's not all because my Og Bello Aliyua gave him new pairs of clothing for the festivity.  To our surprise, he remembered the schools we went to in kaduna and also revealed that the free ice cream and Lolly we had was paid for from his pocket. 
We listened to his challenges and encouraged him to make good use of his funds as it was time to retire from a trade of over 3 decades with very little to show for it. He couldn't help but get all emotional because it was a big deal to him considering he makes about 1k a day on that bicycle and he has a family to cater for.  
 I want to thank everyone for their support and also convey the appreciation of this humble man. You should've seen the priceless look on his face. Thank you again for making this possible"
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