Thursday, 15 September 2016

Ent: Mary J's estranged husband asks for spousal support & lawyer fees

Mary J. Blige’s divorce from her former manager and now estranged husband Martin “Kendu” Isaacs looks like it's going to be nasty. Kendu has responded to her divorce petition by asking for spousal support and financial assistance for lawyer fees.

According to TMZ, Kendu asked for spousal support from the legendary singer whom he was married to from December 2003 to July 2016.

While they were married, Mary J. was quiet to the media about her marriage but praised Kendu for helping her deal with some of her past demons.
In 2007,she told Parade:
“We met when I hated men. … After I met him, everything changed in my life”. “He was the first person to ever challenge what I did: ‘Why are you drinking? Why do you hate yourself? You don’t need to be around people who tear you down. You’re beautiful, Mary.’ He was the first man to ever tell me that.”
Mary J. hasn't responded to his requests yet.

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