Saturday, 17 September 2016

Ent: The Game disses Meek Mill, calls him a snitch

Rapper, The Game, took to his Instagram account to diss rapper, Meek Mill, calling him a snitch amongst other names. The Game's fans went on Meek Mill's IG account with emojis of rats, alluding that he is a snitch.

According to TMZ, the whole drama started when The Game accused Meek Mill of snitching because of the investigation into the robbery of Sean Kingston who was robbed at a nightclub in LA when attackers smashed a bottle of alcohol on his head and made away with his $300k chain off his neck.

The Game was cleared of any involvement so it's really not clear why he is calling Meek a snitch.
 On Thursday, while he performed at a club in Miami, The Game dissed Meek in his new track,92 Bars.
The Game rapped:
“I just want to beat that nig*a’s azz one good time. When you see me nig*a square up. It ain’t gotta be no guns, nig*a. Fu*k Meek Mill.”
Then Meek Mill posted a photo of himself with Nicki Minaj with both middle fingers up. Then The Game shared a photo of himself with Nicki Minaj  saying he was a real man and not Meek
Meek Mill deleted his Nicki Minaj post but not before Nicki showed her support for her boyfriend Meek. The Game just kept going on IG.

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