Friday, 2 September 2016

Enjoy easy, tasty and safe cooking with LG Gas Cookers... Contemporary woman’s kitchen companion

Meal times are looked forward to by many households all over the world. It enables bonding and interaction with family members and friends. In Nigeria, owing to the use of poor cooking appliances, many households experience a great deal of challenge in getting fast, tasty, safe and nourishing meals. This will soon become a thing of the past with the introduction of the new Gas Cooker range by LG Electronics, a global leader in Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics.

LG Gas Cooker offer users more flexibility when cooking. It comes with 'Dual Heater' that enables the grill and oven to work together at the same time.  This allows food to cook faster and evenly as no hassle is experienced in the process of turning food around. This unique feature also makes food decoration remains same during and after cooking. With Cooling fan which circulates cool air and blow out hot air to lower the temperature of the door surface as well as the knobs.

The LG Gas cooker has 2 unique models- LF98V20S, 90cm and LF68V00S, 60cm that comes with avant-garde features aimed at enhancing cooking experience in households, enabling them enjoy tasty, easy and safe cooking.

Commenting on the product, the General Manager, Home Appliances division, LG Electronics West Africa, Mr. Jiung Park, said, “The Gas cooker is an indispensable appliance in Contemporary kitchens; their popularity stems from the fact that they provide users ease of use and a better controlled environment for cooking delicious meals. It offers Excellent Cooking Performance with some of its unique features such as Dual heater which helps cook food evenly from top to bottom without turning it around". Rotisserie associated with cooking large chunk of meat in one sitting during parties. This will save people a lot of time spent and energy dissipated during cooking.
"This cooker has also taken care of issues people faced when preparing fish meals. Usually people have to constantly stay at alert to check at intervals and even get it broken to pieces at the point of turning. We assure you that with LG Gas Cooker, these worries have been taken care of." He said. 
Easy Cleaning is another distinguishing mark of the LG Cooker as it comes with a removable glass; cleaning the oven door after cooking is not an annoying job anymore. Users do not require any tool to take off the inner glass as this can be achieved by simply pulling the glass a little bit against the body and lifting it off.

Cleaning the oil from the inner surface of the ovens is a tough process. LG Gas cooker allows for Self Cleaning; through a process known as Catalytic Cleaning as oil and food residue are always left inside the oven after cooking. Entirely hassle-free, LG 'Catalytic cleaning' will not allow any food residue to stay insides the oven, it oxidizes food residues when inner temperature reaches to 250 degrees Celsius, this ‘Self-cleaning’ function will make oven stay hygienic.

Regarding safety, the cooker comes with Flame Failure Device (FFD); is a device designed to stop flammable gas going to the burner of the gas if the flame is extinguished due to overflow of food on the burner, temporary interruption of gas supply, gas under-pressure or wind, it also prevent dangerous buildup of gas within the appliance, its chimney or the room. This unique feature addresses worries stemming from the concern that gas leakage might cause a fire in the house. It guarantees the safety of user’s house from the fire.

LG Cooker also has Close Door Grilling as well as safe touch. Close door grilling function makes it possible to emit the smoke and odor through only way, so that the hood could suck them in easily. Odor and heat produced while cooking cannot come out of the cooker, so that users’ kitchen becomes more convenient and clean; on the other hand, the Safe Touch feature allows users to keep the front door and its components cool, using special ventilation system of LG freestanding cooker.

Other key features of the LG Cooker are: Auto Ignition, users can easily ignite burner by pushing the knob slightly and turning it to the left; High power burner which is super-efficient and powerful; Cast pan support, Classic cast pan support completes the fine design of the cooker; it fits perfectly with stainless steel finishing. Moreover, cast iron is long lasting material than convectional enamel.

Anti-finger print stainless steel finishing of the gas cooker free you from annoying fingerprints produced due to frequent touching of the cooker and finally Extra storage compartment, just open up the flap door at the bottom of the cooker, you will find an extra storage space for you to store kitchen wares.                                    

In a great way, LG cooker enable householders become professional chefs for their families with the Rotisserie Grilling accessory as they are able to easily cook even large chunk of meat with it. With the introduction of the LG Cooker, LG Electronics has indicated that it is committed to providing consumers with leading-edge products that will address their peculiar needs.

LG electronics provide an extensive network of Service centers across Nigeria which can cater to product issues face by consumers and offer the fast and easy solution. For more detail about the available services for LG products please call on 0800 9811 5454 (toll free number).

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