Thursday, 15 September 2016

A rejoinder to Koffi's 'Who Will Wake Daniel With A Kiss'

This was written by Olayinka Ayinla. Read below...
I read with utter dismay the epistle comedian Koffi wrote to address the ills of a certain artist and before I could say jack Robison, his epistle touched on so many worrisome topics and threw shades at some other artistes. Well, I have no problem if you decide to address somethings you felt aren't worth it in the entertainment circle but pointing your fingers at successful young artistes who are fast becoming entrepreneurs and making names for themselves is where I have problem.
Let me quickly state here that I have no ties with any artiste he mentioned in his post but then again I'm going to speak like a fan of Naija music. 

Calling people arrogant and saying their career is fast hitting the rock or has gone into oblivion and he went further to compare young artiste with the those who I will simply call veterans is a plus. I must confess, your innuendos are weighty and you threw punchlines like an artiste you have refused to be even in your failed quest in music, you never gave such punchlines. 

See the kettle calling the pot black has forgetting that it will still end up in same fire as the pot. Let's go back in time and catch up on your career as a comedian/artiste/compere or whatever you say you are...

I remembered vividly that you shone into limelight during the reigning era of Nite Of A Thousand Laugh and other comedy gigs organized by Opa Williams and some other veterans. Thank God for such platforms who gave you a facelift but you have refused to use that lift to your advantage. Where is your comedy career today? 

When we talk of comedians you started with and looking at those in their prime, I'm sorry to say you aren't among the first 10 names to be called. Your fellow comedians are making bold moves on Comedy Central and selling out shows to their advantage and taking the pains off masses via their spontaneous vibes. Our bros is here busying himself with his children and calling them names smh. If you can't floor with the comedy industry tides, then let the tides take you away because bros, your jokes no funny at all. Gone where the days you come on stage to tell some sick stories that sound like comedy to your ears. Egbon, we don wake up.

Just like yesterday, you're no longer relevant like the names of the artistes you mentioned in your post. Find another career Bros.

Now, let's come to your music. That's a joke that's worth $1m in this present economy situation. You suppose don cash that money for bank. Your wakaman movement died almost an instant death the way it came. Kudos to you for giving us those cartoons in your video lmao that's comedy on its own but we have younger comedians taking it higher than you ever did. 
From wakaman or is it workaman? Whatever that thing is came like a hurricane and quickly disintegrated. Then we have Splufik and recently I heard bros did a song with some other comedians and artistes, me never hear am o. That's a story for another day where I will devote time to dissect your music. 

Omo, bros don do plenty things o! Jack of all trade, master of none. Clap for yourself Aliko Dangote of comedy(in Sister Nkechi's voice) and as Kanmi will say(is ok is ok)
You have also started your own talk show like some good comedians who diversified their talents into other money making ventures. Don't get too excited, the difference is clear like 7UP. I saw a very popular actress' snap who was on your show and she laughed her head off only for reasons best known to her. I looked at the settings and all and found out why she laughed so hard. YOU DRESSED AS  WOMAN ON YOUR SHOW LOL. Why that I no sabi, perhaps that's a segment of the show huh. You tied headgear(gele) and made yourself up lmao. The actress even went as far as calling you a BALU. 
We've seen comedy talkshows that are A class and above par. We have seen so many super guest on such show ranging from politicians to celebs to activists. Simple reason for that is they have a very good concept and the creators of such shows have in-depth analysis of what they wanted before bringing that to life. I wait to see your show on a cable platform or on terrestrial tv.

On a final note, it is said all hands aren't equal. When you're pointing accusing finger at others remember that other four fingers are pointed right back at you. 

Leave all these young lads alone making names for themselves and selling out shows home and abroad and face your dying career as a comedian/artist/compere/host and make the best out of it and be at par with your colleagues. If an artiste decides to be arrogant, bros e no concern you Na your life? Na your career? Na your money? And you wey dey call people arrogant too dey arrogant ehn. Na wa o. 

I am just a guy who wishes to put my thoughts in writing. But then again what do I know, I'm just a boy blabbing.....
I am Yeancarh Ayinla. A tv presenter, entertainment/ Media enthusiast. A budding writer. PR manager, and the convener Basketball Meets Music.

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