Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Unbelievable Photo! An apparently sick woman humiliated by mob after being labeled a witch

Facebook user Blossom Emechebe shared the photos online and wrote;
 "Wonders shall never cease to end. Tthe wicked would always be disgraced and put to shame as far as there is God.... This actually took place at ozoro delta state .. Few days ago... A witch was caught and She confessed of going into someone's house to carry her pregnancy....smh. What a world........ May evil never see you or any member of your family from now till we all enter 2017 together, in Jesus name...
A witch? Really? Am I the only who sees that this is a sick pregnant woman or a woman afflicted with some kind of ailment, maybe fibroid? But this lady and others believe she's a witch. See what they did to her after the cut...

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