Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Those blaming PDP for the state of the nation are hypocrites- party caretaker committee chairman says

Chairman of PDP caretaker committee, Ahmed Makarfi, has said that those blaming PDP for the current state of the nation are being hypocrites. Makarfi said this while speaking during an interview with Channels TV this morning.

"When I look at those who blame our party I laugh. Most of them were only in PDP just before the election. They should rather say they are blaming themselves. If you have been in PDP sixteen years and then because you want to win election you jump ship and join another party and then start castigating This hypocracy in our politics will not take us anywhere. Yes we made our own mistakes but we also recorded successes" he said
Makarfi while speaking on the anti-corruption campaign of the Buhari-led government said:
"It is easier to point fingers of corruption at those who are not in power. If today the situation is reversed, those who fingers will be pointed at will be people who would have served in the APC administration and that is the unfortunate thing about third world politics that it is when you are not in power that in most cases that fingers will be pointed at you that you are corrupt. We should also acknowledge that for the first time, we have fingers pointed at the military who are not PDP or APC. W also have fingers pointed at the bureaucracy who are not in any particular party. For too long, We have assumed that it is only politicians that are corrupt"
When reminded that the commander in chief was the president and that the bureaucracy was under the President's watch, Makarfi said
"I agree. Who said that under the current watch, the bureaucracy or the military will not be corrupt? It is only when you leave office that people can now zero in and see what went wrong"
Asked if he is implying that PDP did not mastermind the decay of the Nigerian system, Makarfi said:
"Not at all. We recorded a lot of successes. I am acknowledging that we had faults.''
Watch the interview below...

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