Thursday, 11 August 2016

The Rock's feud with Vin Diesel is still ongoing as it causes conflict amongst cast and crew members of Fast 8

And the beef goes on. Just a day after Vin Diesel confronted Dwayne Johnson in his trailer for the derogatory comments he made on social media, reportedly about him, The feud is reportedly still "not resolved," as some crew members have taken sides with The Rock, claiming that Vin is unprofessional and arrogant.

The supposed overdue feud between both actors is reportedly causing conflict amongst cast and crew members of the movie.
Some of the crew members are said to have sided with The Rock after he spoke out against Vin, as Vin's antics have upset a number of people who work on the set of the action franchise.

Production sources told TMZ The Rock had been upset with Vin's work ethic for "a long time", with the actor frequently 30- 60 minutes late to shoot scenes, and it wasn't because he was late to the set, he was simply in his trailer and wouldn't come out until he was ready to.

It was also claimed the start time on Mondays was shifted to 10am to accommodate Vin as he didn't like to start the week with a 7am call.

The crew felt Vin's arrogance was out of control, especially because he had a producer title, he wouldn't listen to anyone and would goad people, including The Rock, by criticizing their acting.
In contrast, the same insider praised The Rock as the "ultimate professional", who was always on time, easy to work with, and always nailed his scenes.

Vin and Rock have been clashing for a long time and it became more serious when The Rock made a post on Instagram in which he called Vin a 'Candy A**' man, Vin confronted Rock in his trailer, but their issues still remains unresolved.

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