Monday, 1 August 2016

sponsored:It's bikini season!!! Swim wear for three diffferent body types

The rains are gradually winding to a stop thanks to the August break. Heading out to the beach is expected to be a sunny and cloudless experience. All that’s left is for you to dress to fit the occasion. There are different body types but today, let’s look at three.

1.  The Pear Shaped Body: If you have small boobs and a really heavy bottom (think J-Lo or Omo-Sexy) you fall into this category. The perfect bikini for you should have a plunging neckline and cover the lower half of your body. So bum shorts and skimpy tops are a big no.

2. The Curvy Girl: If you are big and curvy a la Kim Kardashian or Toolz, pieces that feature a high waist and halters tops are bae! And unless you want to exaggerate your curves, avoid the skimpy pieces too.

3. The Athletic Body type: Broad shoulders, boyish hips and very little curves? Honey you fall in this category and to rock your body type, you should wear swimsuits with details and embellishments like ruffles to give the illusion of curves

There are several types of swimsuits for different body types but nothing looks sexier on a woman than confidence (wink). Many women are not confident in their looks and if this is you, do something about it today. Change your hairstyle, put on some glam make-up and if your weight is an issue, lose it!

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