Monday, 15 August 2016

Sponsored:Did you know that apart from losing weight, You can also reverse Type II Diabetes with Cambridge Weight Plan

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Cambridge Weight Plan is your No. 1 weight loss programme in the world. Since its launch in  the UK in 1984, we’ve helped over 30million people look and feel healthier by losing weight. We want to help more men and women in Nigeria to fight obesity and reverse Diabetes Type II  (According to recent study, it’s been proven that Cambridge Weight Plan helps reverse the  condition of some Type II Diabetes patients).

It has also been known to delay the early onset of  osteoarthritis ­the most common chronic condition of the joints.    Obesity has been associated with diseases such as sleep apnea, diabetes, high blood pressure,  infertility and so many other diseases. Some of our clients whose infertility had been linked to  obesity have gone on to have healthy babies after losing weight through our programme. With  the help of our consultants, you are assured of 24/7 support throughout your weight loss journey  and even after. Our consultants also suffered from obesity and that’s why they understand what  you are going through because they themselves have been through the weight loss process. 

 For more information on how to start your weight loss journey, please call us on 08074870841  or send us an email at ​info@cambridgeweightplan­   

Visit our website ​www.cambridgeweightplan­   

Thank you for choosing Cambridge Weight Plan Nigeria.

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