Wednesday, 17 August 2016

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We wish to share with you few of the numerous testimonials we have received from those that have used our Natural Diabetes Therapy (Natural Diabetes Pack) and are grateful to God and to us for helping them regain their good health:

-"Good afternoon Mr Alex. I am sending in this report to let you know that your Diabetes Wellness Pack works. I was a little bit disappointed when I saw that they are supplements. But I decided to try it as you advised and here I am 3weeks after usage my blood sugar dropped from 17mmol to 6.8mmol . Well I am ordering for another pack because of this tremendous improvement even though you said I won't need more than a pack. Thanks for making Diabetes Wellness Pack available"
Umor. Porthacourt.

-"Good afternoon Alex. I must thank you for the complimentary products you sent to me. I am deeply grateful. I bought a pack of Diabetes Wellness Pack for my mother 2weeks ago and I must say that the product is improving her condition. Her sugar level was 14.3mmol before she commenced the Diabetes Wellness Pack therapy. As I am sending this sms to you, her sugar level has dropped to 8.1mmol. This improvement is remarkable. I must also add that her fingers that used to shake uncontrollably are now stable. I am certain that by the time she is through with the 30days usage, her condition would have improved again. Thanks for the job well done.

-"Good day Mr Alex. I have been on your Diabetes Wellness Pack with my metformin for 1 month now. My blood sugar is now 120(6.6mmol) from 380(21.1 memos) one month ago."
I need to commend you for all your education on diabetes management with the use of your products. Congratulations"
A. Stephen. Ibadan.

-"Dear Alex, I am indeed very ecstatic as I send you my testimony. When I called you to order for Diabetes Wellness Pack , my blood sugar was 20mmol(378). 1 was very scared because my Doctor said it was very very high. Well I ordered for Diabetes Wellness Pack. I have used them for 10days now and my blood sugar is now only 7mmol(126). I am so happy. Additionally, I lost 5kg in weight already. My body is lighter. I love the way I feel now" I have started telling people about it.keep up the good job"
Omotoyosi . O. Ado Ekiti.

-" Hello Alex. I initially had my doubts about the efficacy of Diabetes Wellness Pack dealing with diabetes. This is my 17th day of taking Diabetes Wellness Pack and it's been amazing. With all my prescription drug my blood sugar has always been in the range of 12mmol for a long time. The 3rd day I started taking Diabetes Wellness Pack, I discovered that my blood sugarwent down to 9mmol. Wow. For me this is a miracle. As I am sending you this, it hasfurther dropped to 7mmol I am so optimistic that by the time I'm done with the 30 days, my blood sugar would have been totally reversed. Thank you so much for making these supplements available. You will hear from me soon"
Abubakar. Abuja.

-"Good afternoon Alex. I am Joel from Bauchi. I sent my staff to your IKEJA office to buy Diabetes Wellness Pack for my sister who is diabetic. Today is her tenth day and surprisingly her blood sugar has dropped from 14mmol to 5.4mmol. This is amazing. What should we do now? Should she continue or stop since the blood sugar has come down considerably. Thank you for response.."
Joel. Bauchi

-"Dear Mr Dada, I waited for two months before sending in this testimonial because I wanted to be certain that my father was totally cured. I bought your Diabetes Wellness Pack in August 2015 for my father who was partially paralyzed because of diabetes. After one month of usage, he began to walk again. His blood sugar has been reading 4.2mmol consistently since September. Honestly, this is a miracle. I pray God will continually endow you with wisdom. Please continue the good work you are doing"
Olayiwola. Ilorin.

-"Good morning Alex. Merry Christmas. Yesterday makes the 10th day that I have been taking the drugs, Diabetes Wellness Pack and it's been awesome. My blood sugar is currently 179 divided by 18=9.9 from way above. I know that I am feeling better and I now pee once or twice a day. I don't even wake up in the night to pee again. Somebody even complemented me yesterday that I was shining"

-Good morning Alex. My name is Hamisu from Kano. I waited for 5months before sending in this testimony just to be sure that I am indeed totally free from diabetes. I engaged Diabetes Wellness Pack, Men’s Health Pack and Fit One. And this is 5 months now. I have been free. My sugar level has stabilized at 4.3mmol to 4.9mmol. My protruded tommy is almost flat. These  products are working wonders. I have since been referring all my diabetic friends to you. Thank you".

-" Good day Alex. I bought Diabetes Wellness Pack and Men’s Health Pack in October 2015. At that time my blood sugar was 21mmol and I had lost every sexual urge. My manhood had practically stopped working. I took your supplements for 30days. By the tenth day my blood sugar had gone down to 7.3 mmol. By October ending I tested and it was 4.2mmol. The most amazing part of the whole thing was that I became sexually active again and my wife is so thankful to God for using you and these supplements to restore me back to sound health. I am now referring people to you. Thank you very very much.
Linus from Calabar.

Your testimony could be the next if you make use of this opportunity, do not delay your healing. Order for your 30 day Diabetes Wellness Pack and say bye bye to Diabetes for life.

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