Tuesday, 30 August 2016

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I have seen many people base their opinions about weight loss on exercise and dieting. While this might be true, most of these people are oblivious tohow much commitment and energy you will need to put in to drop just 1 kg. Cardio exercises, push-ups, ab exercises, aerobics, kick boxing, running, walking; the list goes on and on.

I tried this but didn’t even have the time or energy to go to the gym everyday.After my work out sessions, I only craved bottles of carbonated drinks and surprisingly had an appetite so large, I could eat twice the amount of what I normally ate. Who was I kidding? Aren’t there easier ways to lose weight? I thought to myself.

I heard about teas and coffees that aid weight loss but always had my reservations about them, but at that point, I was going to try them out any way. I googled Slimming Teas in Nigeria and the first post I saw got me sacred and almost discouraged “Slimming tea craze in Nigeria, expert, users warn of dangers” Dangers ke? “I knew it, these teas have side effects”, I said out loud. I continued scrolling down to read more posts that validated my fears but saw none. I came across a post on Ini Edo using SlimTea to lose weight. I was still sceptical but a bit comfortable because of Ini Edo.

After I got my first pack of SlimTea, I haven’t looked back since. I weighed 82kg at the time and after my second pack I was weighing 66kg. This tea works!!! Almost like magic I must say. I am currently on my third pack and I am loving it.

-Bettie IG@berriee_ij 

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