Monday, 29 August 2016

Sponsored: 4 week to a slimmer body

Is it really possible to lose weight in 4 weeks? Absolutely! How much weight can you lose in that period? Well that is entirely up to you. Follow this 4week planner below to get better results.

WEEK 1: Get on a weight scale to find out exactly how much you weigh and then start a 1week food diary to write down everything you eat. And most importantly, start taking a weight-loss tea.
SLIMTEA is highly recommended because not only does it speed up your weight-loss, it keeps you energetic. You’ll need that energy for the coming weeks!

WEEK 2: Get active. The 30minute session you do at the gym is not enough. Take long walks and alternate between jogging and walking. Do your squats while you watch an EPL game or your favourite Telemundo series. Don’t forget your daily cup of SLIMTEA! It contains cassia seeds which help lower your blood pressure and cholesterol

WEEK 3: Get healthy. While starvation is not an option, you should not stuff your face with food either. Make sure you have your proteins, carbs, vitamins, fat and oil in the right daily proportion and stick to it. SLIMTEA helps curb your appetite thanks to the hemp kernels it contains.

WEEK 4: Have a positive mental attitude. Thankfully, SLIMTEA contains green tea which has a soothing effect on the mind but works aggressively to burn that body fat. At the end of this week, get on the scale again to check your weight. If you did it right, you should have some good results!

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