Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Robbery suspect says bank staff gives them information on customers

An armed robbery suspect has told police operatives in Lagos that they normally get information from some bank staff.
 The unfortunate Lagos robbers
 The surviving member of the three-man robbery gang that robbed a Police Inspector after he withdrew some money in a bank in the Idimu area of Lagos State, Jafar Ismail, has told police operatives that his gang normally get information on any customer who withdraws a huge sum of money from a staff in the bank.
Ismail and his gang members had attacked the officer identified as Inspector Musa, on Monday, August 1, 2016, shortly after he walked out of the bank, shooting him in the jaw before snatching his money.

But luck ran out on them while escaping on a motorcycle as a police team confronted them and in the gun battle that ensued, two of his partners in crime were shot down.
During his confession, Ismail said that the bank staff invited them when Inspector Musa was making his withdrawal and gave them his description.
“We have a bank staff, who usually informs us whenever any customer withdraws huge amount.
We would position our motorcycles around the bank and wait for the customer. Immediately we sight the person, we would ride our bike close and snatch the money. We usually shoot if the person put up resistance."
At the end of any operation, we would give him (the banker) the largest share and share the rest among ourselves.
We were told that this particular customer withdrew over N300,000, but we were not successful as police got us.”

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