Saturday, 13 August 2016

Reasons why you should rock your brief height with pride (photos)

There’s always that one person that calls you ‘Shorty’ or ‘Smally’ or even "brief and summarised " (as I used to call you myself) just because you’re way below the average height.
But doesn’t mean you’re not at an advantage. O yes, there are lots of advantages over disadvantages too numerous to mention.
In case, you fall into this category, let me help you count your pluses.
1. Clothing
While tall people have a huge problem with finding the right sizes in the market when it comes to picking out clothes, shorter people can easily pick a piece of their choice and have it amended even if it doesn’t come in their sizes which are almost rare.

2. Intimacy

A 2014 study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine suggests that shorter men may have more intimacy in the bedroom. In an examination of more than 500 heterosexual Hungarian men, those under 5’9” reported having sex more often than those who were taller (almost three times more per week, in fact, according to Men’s Health). Bottom line, being short equals being a freak and who doesn’t like a freak? 😬

3. Leg Space in Transportation
There’s nothing that beats your comfort like having to travel long distance. And by comfort, we mean leg space. Imagine being crammed into a tiny space for a 4-hour trip. Who enjoys having blood rush? Certainly not me.My last journey, while the tall guy that sat next to me was in pains because of the leg space, I was comfortably seated and thanking God for my short legs lol

4. Bed spaces
Imagine sleeping on the bed with your feet far elongated beyond the mattress? Uncomfortable right? Well for a small person, you could roll around as much as you want or coil up with no discomfort at all.
Scenario : Way back in secondary school when sometimes we prefer to sleep in pairs per mattress, everybody would prefer to have me around because I'm not like "matter".I don't occupy space lol

5. Sporting activities
Long legs appear to carry tall people further, but research on the human body suggests otherwise when it comes to pounding the pavement. Exercise researchers say that smaller people with slimmer legs are more equipped to run, while taller people are better built for sports like swimming.
Scenario :I used to be an excellent sportsgirl. Tell me to run and I will ask you how far. Try me to jump and I will fly. It's way easier to lift a brief body than an elongated one
So the next time you feel threatened by your brief height, just remember your many blessings and say to yourself "It's not the size of the body that matters but the size of the engine that controls it"

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