Monday, 29 August 2016

ques: Is Freeze finally off air?

Over the weekend it was rumoured that controversial on-air-personality Freeze had been fired by Cool FM for posting an old photo of him with Basketmouth's wife on Instagram.

Freeze later came to denounce that the news was untrue. Going beyond the uncertainty of Freeze's employment status, one thing is clear, posting the photo of him and Basketmouth's wife was distasteful and unnecessary. Yes, he and the comedian have been in a feud for a year now but dragging his wife into it was just so wrong.

Freeze in an old photo with Basketmouth's wife play Freeze in an old photo with Basketmouth's wife

Freeze has skirted with controversy but what he did crossed the line of decency and appropriate behaviour. What does Basketmouth's wife have to do with all of it?
There is a difference between being opinionated and looking for trouble. While Freeze can be opinionated, he also looks for attention and trouble. Once the cool voice on Lagos radio, Freeze suddenly grew a thirst for notoriety and used his social media presence to achieve this.
Freeze's sack letter play Freeze's sack letter

His journey with notoriety started with when he took to social media and started bashing his former wife. He called her an adulteress and claimed that she used to physically assault him when they were married.
It was the ladder Freeze needed to make a name for himself online. From then on he would share his opinion about a wide range of topical subjects.
Basketmouth and Freeze when the going was good play Basketmouth and Freeze when the going was good
(Olisa TV)

While making a name for himself as the big bad wolf online he picked up a feud with his former best friend. No one knows what caused the rift between him and Basketmouth but the back and forth has been going on for a year now.
At the thick of their beef, Freeze supposedly raised the white flag and asked Basketmouth for forgiveness.
"My Dear brother Bright, @basketmouth, I miss how things used to be. If I have ever offended you, I use this as a medium to seek your forgiveness. Trust me, I have forgiven you a long time ago, and I am letting go of all the bitterness" wrote Freeze.

The white flag did not last for long maybe because Basketmouth didn't accept his apology. You know how their beef played out from there on.
Tales of Freeze's demise from radio seems to have been exaggerated. According to him, he will be on the air today. While it seems Freeze has been able to retain his job, the question still remains- how long will Freeze last before being yanked off radio?

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