Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Pictures of beautiful ladies from the northern part of Nigeria No 7 is a Shocker.

Ah We Northerners no dey carry last OOhhh.... Check Out Our Babes....

Find below some pictures of the beautiful ladies from the northern part of Nigeria:
There are thousands of beautiful women in Nigeria; the major ethnic groups in this country always get the attention of the public when beautiful women are being mentioned.

1. Beautiful

Let us call this the appetizer; keep scrolling down and you will get hooked in not time.

2. So cute

When you are beautiful, you are simply beautiful. Despite this lady not smiling, she is still as pretty as ever. Northern girls rock big time.

3. Stunning

By now you should be getting the gist. These ladies are simply gorgeous. We cannot get tired of them.

4. Awwww… see that dimple

If at this point you do not believe these ladies are pretty, then you are not from this planet. Nigeria is really blessed.

5. Cute

Even with the mild make up this young lady has on, you can tell that she is naturally pretty. Some other girls do not even look this appealing despite masking their faces in different layers of concealers.

6. Gorgeous

If you are considering finding a beautiful northern girl as a wife, then you should visit Kano and Zaria. You are bound to find one there.

7. All shades of gorgeousness

You may have a very difficult time picking the finest in this group as they are all beautiful. Northern girls sure rock.

8. Soft look

We are having a good time putting up these damsels. The makeup they have on is mild, you can still see through and know what they look like without it. They are naturally beautiful.

9. This pout

This pout is not only beautiful, the face on which it sits is extremely beautiful. You should not need any proof concerning the beauty of the ladies if this is a representative of the whole region.

10. Caption it yourself

Northern ladies are really beautiful, most of the ladies from this part of the country do not bleach or use chemicals on their bodies in order to tone. They are either dark or fair in complexion.

11. Awwww

Describe these ladies in one word.

12. Homely

Most of these ladies are homely.

13. What else do you want?

These ladies are simply adorable.

14. Take your bride home to mama

We are very sure  your mother would not be able to turn her down.

15. A typical northern lady

One thing synonymous to girls from this part of Nigeria is the Henna they have on their hand and legs.

16. Innocent

beautiful ladies from the northern part of Nigeria
This young lady here looks so adorable.

17. Black is beautiful

Speechless. Put the words together yourself.

18. Caption it yourself

beautiful ladies from the northern part of Nigeria
These northern girls are of mixed tribes. This is the perfect example of mixed northern race.

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