Monday, 1 August 2016

photo:'Through the pain I saw grace' Orode Uduaghan-Okpu celebrates 27th birthday with stunning photos and inspiring post

Daughter of former governor of Delta State, Orode Uduaghan-Okpu turned 27 today. The mother of two shared these stunning photos along with some inspiring words. "When Strength Matters!! (Another Year today)," she writes

Through the pain I saw grace
Through the sorrow I saw joy
Through the hardship I held on to faith

Through the sleepless nights I saw peace
Through the heart breaks I became love
Through the sadness I learnt to smile
Through the fire I kept it cool
Through the storm I became calm
Through the betrayal I grew loyal
Through the hurt I saw healing
Through the surgeries I saw Restoration
Through the battering I gained strength
Through the mistakes I found a path
Through the shame Identity came
Through the fear I found courage
Through the lies I saw the hidden truth
Through the gossips I learnt silence
Through the brokenness I gained Myself
Through it all He wrapped His arms around me and made it all better.
Jesus made it all Better.

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Photo credit: Emmanuel Oyeleke/Pink Pearl Foundation

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