Friday, 5 August 2016

Photo:Lady survives fall into an abandoned soakaway pit after a concrete slab caved beneath her feet

'Saved from the pit of hell' -  A Nigerian woman named Christina Adegbaju took to her social media accounts today to describe how she survived after falling into an abandoned soakaway pit. Narrating the terrible experience, she wrote,
"I saw my life flash in front of me for 5 minutes and I thought, so this is how it feels to be helpless and confused. One minute , I was standing on solid ground, the next minute I was on air, as the concrete caved way beneath my feet. For 5 minutes, I shouted and screamed for help,no one heard my cry and the ground was still sinking , I had to claw my way out before the whole structure could collapse.
I had been standing on an abandoned Soakaway pit. Thank God there were no rains , Bless God he is still faithful, when it seems no one heard. Only he could have done this. He is still a miracle working God. Yahweh.
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