Saturday, 13 August 2016

Photo of Daddy Freeze as he throws shade at Duncan Mighty over photo of widows praying for him

Duncan Mighty shared the photo of widows praying for him yesterday and said that’s one of his secrets..

According to OAP Freeze, Nigerian entertainers do a lot for publicity as he wonders why the picture was taken..
He even said those who take pictures at orphanages are also guilty..He said he too is guilty..

Nigerian entertainers, we can do things for the gram!!! Choi ! ! !
Inside this ‘HOT’ prayer, someone still remembered to take picture?
Life for us in Nigeria has become one huge reality show! #JustSaying #GuiltyToo
#AllForTheGram #NaOurWork #EveryCelebIsGuilty #PlusThoseThatCarryPaparazzi2Orphanage#OurMarketMustSell
Lol @ inside this hot prayer ….Duncan Mighty’s post below

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