Monday, 15 August 2016

Photo as South African rapper AKA surprises his mom with a brand new car

South African rapper AKA reduced his mother, Lyn Forbes to tears when he presented her with a brand new car on Monday.
In videos posted online by the car dealer Prince Costinyo, the Hip-hop star who accompanied his mom to a car dealership tricked her into believing that her application for a new car had been rejected.
But it was all acting as moments later a salesperson could be seen handing over a bouquet of flowers revealing a brand new car from her son. Lyn Forbes could not hold back her tears when AKA unveiled her new ride.
"Thank you. It is so...I don't know what to say. I love it. I can't believe it's my car though." she stuttered through happy tears.
According to the car dealer, AKA called him last month and said he needed to get his mother a car.
"I need to get my mother a car. I was shocked. People hardly call for such things...It's always about them and their shine...So mad respect to...

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