Tuesday, 9 August 2016

parent should read this before posting their offspring photos on social media(Photos)

Nothing pleases proud parents as much as posting countless pictures of their kids on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But not all of snaps should go online for these 8 obvious reasons all moms and dads should know about.

1. Bath time

Boy in bathtub
Any picture of your child without clothes, like taking a shower, trying on a new X-Men t-shirt, exploring a backyard swimming pool or hanging in a sandpit during summer peak hours, are not for everyone to see. The Internet is a large field, and these digital snaps may go in the hands of child porn fans or pedophiles, and your experience should tell you it’s no good.

2. Sickness

Do you often make selfies with your red nose, dripping eyes, and face covered with all sorts of rash due to a sudden allergy attack? Probably not.

3. Shame photos

Nobody knows about the first mom or dad to come up with such kind of punishment for misdeeds, but this idea is trending at the moment. For whatever reasons, parents think that standing in the middle of a street with a shaming poster would magically turn any bully into a prudish kid. Well, psychologists have rather opposite opinion saying that trust issues, post-traumatic stress, and depression are the outcomes of this popular therapy.

4. Toilet time

Using a toilet for the first time may seem a huge milestone in your kid’s growing-up journey, but before putting any potty snaps online, ask yourself this question. Would my children enjoy it in 10-20 years and want the whole world to see them? If you doubt the right answer, don’t click share.

5. Private details

In case word private means nothing to you and your instincts don’t tell you to keep personal information away from strangers, mind that each time posting your children’s address, school, location at a certain period of time, etc., you put them at risk. Kidnappers know how to use these details, and the same goes for cyber criminals.

6. Group pictures

Not as obvious as the previous ones, but group images also may be a tricky issue. You being crazy about Facebook sharing doesn’t mean all parents follow this addiction. So before posting their offspring snaps online, make sure you got permission from moms and dads of all the children in the group.

7. Photos to become the reason for bullying

Refrain from posting online any images of your kids in awkward or embarrassing situations. They can make them the target of bullies and definitely don’t add to their self-esteem and confidence.

8. Unsafe situations

Unless you want a school board or social services to have a serious conversation with you, stop making selfies at the wheel with kids on your laps. It puts both of you in danger and doesn’t serve as an example of a smart, caring parent. Make no mistake about it.

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