Monday, 1 August 2016

OmoAllen dedicates new single Ezinwayi to his mum as he graduates from London University

Irozuru Chima Kingsley known as IC OmoAllen is one of the few Nigerian fast rising Artists focused on education and music. He recently graduated  from the School of Media and Performing Arts at Middlesex University London with an MSc in Media Management. 

In addition being accepted for a PhD program at the same school, it is quite fascinating that this young vibrant chap is quite focused on setting the standards high. Apparently,  his program will be focused on Royalty collection,  Disruptive innovations in music and digital Piracy.

Congratulations to him. In an attempt to show his gratitude,  he dedicates his follow-up single titled EZINWAYI to his Mother who has been a strong support system for him thus far and nonetheless,  to all good women around the world.


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