Thursday, 4 August 2016

Niger Delta Avengers announces their new twitter handle, say they are not afraid of military attacks on Illegal bunkering camps

Militant groups, Niger Delta Avengers have announced a new twitter handle. In a statement released on their website today, the group said they are not afraid of the Nigerian Airforce's recent attacks on illegal bunkering camps in some parts of the Niger Delta region. The group say their major demand is that Nigeria should be restructured. Read the full text of their statement below.
The Nigeria Military is playing some war game on some illegal bunkering camps and showing video of how they carry out the bombardment. That is so unprofessional don’t think they can intimidate the NDA with those scarp jet bombers. They can deploy fourth generation jet-bombers that will not stop us from fighting for our people. 
We challenge the military to share with the public the militants killed in the so-called sir strike. We are very sure they won’t share the images of militants killed because non was killed except innocent women and children. 
What we are saying is the country should be restructured. The call for restructuring of Nigeria has gone beyond the NDA. The only group of persons against the restructuring is the Villa. The federal government should just listen tot the voice of the citizens instead of playing the deaf ear game. 
We officially saying that @agbiniboND is our new official twitter account handle. Twitter can block or suspend our account but they can’t stop or block our struggle.  
          Brig.Gen Mudoch Agbinibo

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