Tuesday, 16 August 2016

More money troubles! Tyga hit with another $200k lawsuit days after repaying $480,000 debt

A week after evading arrest by settling a $480,000 lawsuit,Tyga's celebrations have been short-lived, as he now faces a new $200,000 lawsuit over a watch and chain he purchased in 2013. 

Despite a court order, Tyga has yet to pay the sum, and bespoke jewellery designer Jason Arasheben has reportedly had enough of waiting around.After seeing Tyga settle his other debt, Jason - who's designed pieces for numerous Hollywood stars - has reportedly hired a team of lawyers, according to TMZ .
It's thought that Tyga splashing out on a $189,000 Mercedes-Maybach for girlfriend Kylie's 19th birthday turned out to be the last straw for the jeweller .

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