Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Lola Alao shows off teenage daughter After converting to Islam

After her conversion to Islam, Nollywood actress Lola Alao has embraced a new lifestyle.
Her mode of dressing has changed likewise her look at life. The mother of one
lola 1
It’s not news that the Yoruba actress has a grown up daughter, but what is however news is that most people have no idea of what she looks like.
Lola Alao's daughterLola Alao’s daughter
The actress attended the wedding of a family member over the weekend with her daughter and her hubby, Wale Ajibola.
Her daughter while younger was fondly called Ojenjele by close associates of the actress. After sharing her photos on her Instagram page  Alao’s colleague actor Funso Adeolu referred to her as Ojenjele and the actress replied him that he has not forgotten the pet name.
Though she has the same set of teeth with her mum, Alao’s daughter’s complexion is a contrast to her mum. She had her for her first husband Dare Ogundana.
The actress recently reveals why she converted to Islam after many people criticized her decision. She said she was born to a Muslim father and but decided to follow her mother’s religion and later back to her father’s.

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