Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Kim K reveals Kanye lost his cool when she told him she won't be available for mother's day due to work

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian in her latest episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians revealed that Kanye West lost his cool when she told him she'll be travelling on May 14 (mothers day) instead of being with him, North West and Saint who was then five months old.
When he learnt of his wife's plans, the 39-year-old rapper made his feelings clear. Kanye said with a lot of sarcasm in Sunday's episode: 
'Are we going with you or you just don’t wanna see your husband and children on Mother’s Day?’ 
Kim also revealed she had to change her mind later on after thinking it through and deciding that family always comes first, little did she know that her husband had planned a private string orchestra for her and dozens of pink roses which Kanye had arranged on a bench for her.
All dressed in white, the musicians played 'Let It Go' from North's favourite movie Frozen as well as classics from film Annie Tomorrow and Hard Knock Life.

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