Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Geordi Shore star Gaz Beadle boasts about sleeping with 1000 women including most of his Ex On The Beach co-stars

The 28year old reality TV star revealed that there were a few awkward moments and surprises in store for him when he recorded the new series of ex on the beach in Thailand.

Gaz claims to have bedded one thousand women, so he was lucky only six of them were waiting for him at the breakfast table while filming. The play boy was however surprised when he realised he'd slept with each and every one of them, including those he didn’t remember having anything to do with.
He said:
“We don’t tell them [producers] who we’ve been with. I don’t know how they find them. They found one person for me and I do not know how they found them. The problem is it’s not just big exes, it’s one night stands and then you are f**ked. 
You are not going to remember them. I’m like ‘Really? Are you here for me? There was one point I was having breakfast with six of the girls and I thought ‘I have slept with everyone at the table’.”
Some of the cast of Ex On The Beach

Source: SunUK

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