Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Driver of the other car involved in Kris Jenner crash had been living in the car and is now homeless

While Kris Jenner immediately replaced her $250K Rolls Royce after it was involved in a crash, the same cannot be said of the driver who was at the wheels of the Toyota Prius she crashed into.
Out-of-work actor Jack Way was living in his Toyota Prius vehicle that was involved in the accident, the car has now been written off and it gets worse, he was at fault for the crash.
He cut in front of Kris' $250k Rolls Royce at a red light intersection in Calabasas.
According to TMZ, Jack who does not have collision insurance has called in the help of car accident lawyers Larry H. Parker. The California-based firm claims to have awarded over two billion dollars in financial compensation over 35 years.
Jack who has been living in his car for many months believes Kris will come out on top because she's more powerful.
He said:
'Whoever's fault it was, whoever has the more power I feel like has got [a better chance of winning]. I didn't want to be a part of this, I just wanted to go home today... I have nothing against Kris, I was actually one of the people that still like her.'

Jack's car after the accident

Kri's' car after the accident

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