Saturday, 13 August 2016

Actress Omoni Oboli shares testimony about how God healed her son

Nollywood actress Omoni Oboli shared an amazing testimony via her Instagram page, revealing how God healed her son Gozi, when they discovered he had a lump in his breast. Sharing a video of him playing basketball energetically, Omoni wrote, 
"Watch out LeBron James, Gozi is coming for ya!  I have a testimony! I told God I will testify in church if he did it but I never did so here's me testifying to the whole world!  Some time ago, we discovered a lump in Gozi's breast.

I wasn't comfortable so we kept praying about it. We took communion and we just kept praying. He was always complaining about feeling weak and he would always take naps. I thought it was quite unusual because as mama boys, I know boys are always active so I kept praying. To cut a long story short, God has healed Gozi, lump is gone and he's more energized than he's ever been! He's running everyday, practicing his basket ball for hours! I just want to say THANK YOU LORD! Healing is the children's bread! May God bless our bread and water and take sickness out of our midst! Go Gozi! The world is at your feet!!! 😇😇😇 #IAmMamaGozi#GodOverAll #JehovaOverDo #FamilyOverEverything 

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