Saturday, 6 August 2016

A match made in collaboration heaven: Mudi unveils soccer superstar, Kole Toure as brand Ambassador

When it comes to star power, it would seem pan-African, iconic menswear label Mudi just can’t seem to shake it off, like moths to a flame.
Campaign after campaign, the design label attracts the finest leading men in diverse fields from business to entertainment and now, sports! Presenting, two-time Premier League winning footballer, champion, Ivorien, and now, brand ambassador for MUDI: Kolo Toure.
This match made in collaboration heaven shouldn’t really come as a surprise though. MUDI, the design line has been steadily expanding across the continent for years, the first home-grown Nigerian design label to do so and it’s a stroke of brand intelligence that it has aligned itself with the most visible of celebrities and superstars in Francophone Africa. More so, with a man other men want to be like: accomplished, cultured, successful.

These qualities are definitely brought to bear in MUDI’s designs. It remains a thing of sheer wonder how this line has been able to turn what was a traditional staple and made it fresh, desirable, coveted, and even cool. Men have been wearing tunics, in different fabrics for years but this menswear line with a laudable eye for detail knows how to add that extra something that makes something old, tested and true, seem new and a must-have. And have it, many men strive for. Who doesn’t want to walk into a room like Kolo Toure here and turn heads and inspire hearts of jealousy? Who doesn’t want to be the centre of attention? Don’t be fooled, men indulge in a little vanity too.

With this partnership with Kolo Toure, there’s no need to guess that men wanting these things would be queuing at MUDI’s door. And if you’re a man who cares about looking good, who desires the best of the best, who is tempted or swayed by these half-bred Instagram agbada tailors and the celebs who front for them.

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