Saturday, 13 August 2016

3 HUGE signs she will satisfy you on Bed


Most people want to enjoy a pleasurable S3.x:’ life and this definitely means it is important to have the right partner.

The challenge here now becomes, how do you spot someone that can fulfill you in the bedroom? Here are three traits to look out for.

She is open

When a woman learns to be open about her needs and her experience, it means she is comfortable in her own skin and will more likely open up in the bedroom. For a great S3.x:’ life, you need to communicate. You cannot effectively communicate with someone who shuts down and keeps to herself. If she is open about what she likes, then you can focus on that and you know you will be given her an amazing S3@.x:’ual experience. That can feel really good.

She is passionate

It does not matter what it is, if she is someone who gets passionate about stuff, it means she puts an effort into connecting with what interests her. Someone who is passionate about her career, academics or opinion is someone who is likely to bring an added effort into the bedroom.

She likes you

You are unlikely to have S3.x:’ual satisfaction with someone who does not have feelings for you. If she is not attracted to you or cares for you, pleasing you is something she would not do. S3.x:’ual chemistry does not exist in a vacuum, it builds on already-there feelings.

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