Sunday, 14 August 2016

15 Pictures That Prove All Nigerian Parents Attended The Same Training School

In case you didn’t know, immediately you become a Nigerian parent you get dragged to a secret training facility where you learn to stress your children.

1. Where they learnt the real use of their children:

Real Use Of Children

2. Where they learnt to not trust their children:

entering the room

3. Where they learnt to send mixed signals:

collect money

4. Where they learnt how to always win arguments:


5. Where they learnt to be selectively broke:

cash on me

6. Where they learnt to be paranoid:


7. Where they learnt the real reason for working out:


8. Where they learnt to tell this lie:


9. Where they never learnt to use any gadget:


10. Where they learnt how to pronounce these words:


11. Where they learnt to be selectively generous:

pocket money

12. Where they learnt to plan for the future:

grow into it

13. Where they learnt to guilt trip you:

question parents

14. Where they learnt about demonic possession:


15. Where they learnt to hate rest:


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