Monday, 11 July 2016

Woman gives birth to identical quadruplets

A Shanghai woman, Wu conceived naturally and safely gave birth to identical quadruplets...all girl, on Thursday, July 7, making her a mother of six.
The unexpected babies were born in the Obstetrical and Gynecological Hospital affiliated to Fudan University in Shanghai six weeks ahead of an expected due date of 37 weeks, and are now being treated in an intensive care unit for premature babies to monitor their health.
The quadruplets ranged in weight from 780 to 1,120 grams, according to China News Service. Wu was accepted into the hospital in the 29th week of pregnancy for safety concerns, and doctors suggested that she underwent a Cesarean section in her 31st week, after doctors found issues with blood flow in her umbilical cord.

Doctors say the chance of naturally conceiving and giving birth to identical quadruplets is as rare as one in 500,000 pregnancies.

Mrs Wu and her family are happy but apprehensive about having six babies to care for.
"I’ve had two babies before this, it will be a huge financial burden for us to raise six children," Wu told the Shanghai Morning.
Source: Shanghai Morning via CCTV

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