Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Please tell Federal Government say Callywood need that 3 billion oh!'' - Egor Efiok

Filmmaker Egor Efiok has reacted to the cancelled Kano film village by the Federal Government after a group of Islamic clerics said it would create a hub for immorality.

Y'all also remember Egor was appointed by the Cross river state governor Ben Ayade to head Calabar Nollywood aka Callywood back in May.

Aimed at creating jobs and bringing local films to high standard, the Federal Government had planned releasing 1billion Naira for the kick off of the 20-hectare film village in Kano. Only for the clerics to reject the offer.

Well, Egor has reacted and she says 'Abeg make una tell Federal Government say Callywood need
that 3 billion oh!'

Read the very interesting mail I received from her this evening below:
(Dear Nigerian people), we should learn to respect other people's religious views and cultures. It does not matter how many billions the Federal Government want to invest in the state of art film village in Kano. 
The people of Kano State have rejected it because their culture does not support it...please respect that and stop berating the president for bowing to pressure to scrap the idea. Dem say dem nor by force? 
The Federal Government should please invest those billions in Callywood instead...we want am...we need need to fight mbok...just come to'd be welcomed with open arms. Ehen 😉😊

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