Monday, 11 July 2016

photos of the dead body of Dallas sniper has been leaked online


The photos of what may be Dallas cop shooter, Micah Xavier Johnson's bloodied body, was reportedly sent to lawyer and author Mike Cernovich. The photo which wassent to the author by an anonymous source show a dead man on the ground wearing an armored vest. Another photograph submitted by an anonymous source was also published on the gun website The Arms Guide, which claims the Saiga semi-automatic rifle used by gunman Micah Xavier Johnson had a 30-round magazine.

Deputy Chief Rob Sherwin of the Dallas Police Dept said:
'The Dallas Police Department and the FBI have received media inquiries regarding photographs that are being circulated on the internet that are being depicted as crime scene photos from the incident where 5 police officers lost their lives on Thursday, July 7, 2016.
'The Dallas Police Department and FBI will not confirm that photographs being circulated are from the crime scene in downtown Dallas.'
The police department's unprecedented use of a robotic explosive raised questions regarding the ethics of how they responded to a suspect who was already cornered, adding that excessive force was used.
But Chief Brown of the DPD defended his decision to use the robot, saying other options would have placed more officers in grave danger.
In a police statement:
'When all attempts to negotiate with the suspect, Micah Johnson, failed under the exchange of gunfire, the department utilized the mechanical tactical robot, as a last resort, to deliver an explosion device to save the lives of officers and citizens,' a police statement read.
He told CNN:
'I approved it and would do it again if presented with the same circumstances. I appreciate critics, but they’re not on the ground and their lives are not at risk.'

Source: Daily Mail.

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