Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Photo:Nollywood's Up And Coming Actress, Bukola Iqmat Animashaun Feeds The Poor During Ramadan

Keeping to one of the tenets of Ramadan that preaches that those who have should give to the needy, Nollywood Actress, Bukola Iqmat Animashaun recently gave out food items to some needy people in Ibadan during the ‘breaking’ of their fasting. Food items which include Cooked Food, Sachet Water and Fruits were freely given to these people.

Speaking about the inspiration behind her actions, the actress who is a dedicated Muslim stated that, “we need to be compassionate to the needy and those around us who don’t have just liked the Holy Quran and Prophet Mohammed preaches. We shouldn’t only preach love but exercise it daily and not necessarily during the holy month of Ramadan”.  

“I’ve taking it upon myself to continue doing this periodical because I’m moved by the level of poverty that surrounds us and I’m using this opportunity to call on my other colleagues and everyone to do the little they can for the poor and needy amongst us. May the almighty Allah give us all the strength to give to our fellow humans”, she concluded.

Bukola Animashaun who is also a producer will be remembered for her sterling role in movies such as Awon Eta Oko, Omoge Animashaun, Enu Mi, Osoju Mi Koro among others.

God bless Her...

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