Wednesday, 27 July 2016

photo:mother instead of her during deadly flood

A man trapped in devastating floods in China was forced to make a split second decision - whether to save his mum or his wife. And now, he's in big trouble for it.

At least 112 people died, 91 others have gone missing as torrential rains swept through China.

 According to MirrorUK, the  man's village was almost completely wiped out when he got faced with the terrible choice and he abandoned his wife to dash across town and save his mother.

The man left his home, where his wife, two kids and ailing father live, and bolted across his village to
save his mum, leaving his other family members to fend for themselves.

Gao Fengshou, the 39-year-old husband, had known that a serious storm was on its way to Daxian Village, in Xingtai City of North China's Hebei Province.

But while the rest of his family stayed up worrying, he made no plans and went to sleep instead until he was woken by his wife, Zhang Xiaoyan, aged 30.

But instead of getting Zhang, his children and his elderly father out of the house, he left the home in a hurry and dashed across the village to save his mum, whose old family home was already waist-deep in water.

Gao successfully saved his mum, but then found out he could not return to his home as the floodwaters were already up to his chest.

After waiting several hours for the water to recede, he rushed back to his house and was relieved to find Zhang, the kids, aged four and two, and his dad huddled on the roof, having survived the flood.

Reports said his wife who had been married to him for five years immediately took the kids and what little remained of her belongings and left the village.

She apparently felt betrayed by her husband, who chose his mum over her.

Zhang reportedly returned to her parents' home in East China's Shandong Province, where Gao has now gone to beg for her forgiveness.

If you were Zhang, would you be mad that your husband abandoned you like this to go save his mum?

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