Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Nick Cannon's father comes for Mariah Carey

Nick Cannon's father is not happy with his famous ex-daughter-in-law and went on Howard Stern to slam her for rushing into a new marriage before divorcing Nick. Nick's dad tells Howard Stern,

'If Nick would have moved on quickly like that, so soon after the marriage, everyone in the country would have been questioning things.
'I've been watching just like everyone else, someone (Mariah) is already dating before the divorce is even final. It's different for Mariah because she's a woman.
If a man was ready to hook up with this billion-dollar lady - if Nick was ready to hook up with Oprah - then people would say: "What's really going on before?"'
'If my mom already decided she wanted to get married to another man next week after my pop just passed, I would question, did you really just meet this person? How long was this relationship really going on? Did you sabotage your relationship?'

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