Saturday, 9 July 2016

My relationship with John Fashanu's ex-wife Abigail is civil – Rachel Bakam

Rachel Bakam, is ex footballer, John Fashanu’s flame of the moment. And it seems the lovebirds are waxing stronger and have continued in their relationship despite the negative perception Nigerians had.

In an exclusive chat with Saturday Beats recently, the actress talked about how their relationship gets stronger every day and how she has a civil relationship with John’s ex, Abigail Igwe and her daughter, Adaeze Yobo.
“We get along very well. Our friendship gets better and stronger with time. We are both Virgos so we understand each other very well. Yes there are ups and downs but we are
both communicators, so we work through every situation and grow.”
Formerly married to Isreal Edjeren, Rachel said   most of the negative perception people have about John is not his true personality.
“Most of the things painted about John Fashanu are really not the reality. It is the same as in my case. In the world of showbiz, some will say good things about you and others the contrary. You just need to keep your values up and do your best.”
Not wanting to reveal if the wedding bells would ring in the nearest future, Rachel said,
“I am not keen on re-marriage yet. The truth is, marriage is not something to rush into. Experience has taught me that you have to weigh various components before coming to the point where you accept to marry someone. I believe in taking things step by step, get to know each other better first, then taking the step further when the time is right.
“My son getting along very well with John. John is very good with kids. I see the relationship he has with his children, very commendable.”
 Rachel also revealed she has a civil relationship with John’s ex, Abigail Igwe and her daughter, Adaeze Yobo.
“And I appreciate that because I mean no disrespect to anyone. I just dey my lane dey play my part…dey live my life. I honestly don’t set out to hurt anyone purposefully. I do the best I can to be respectful. I am work in progress.”

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