Wednesday, 13 July 2016

11 pictures that will show you the struggle every NYSC member goes through...

When you get the orientation camp which lasts for 21 days, you are given an NYSC kit which comprises of an 1 NYSC crested vest, a pair of khaki trousers and jacket, NYSC cap and belt, 2 white T-shirt and shorts, green-stripped stockings, a pair of orange jungle boots and white converse.
Most of the time, everything given to you is usually not your size, so you either swap with someone or slim fit yours. The khakis always come in large sizes, forgetting that there are some ‘tiny’ people. It’s not an easy task getting someone to swap with most of the time.
Here are 11 struggles everyone who has gone for NYSC orientation camp will understand.
1. When they ask for your size and they still give you the khaki and boots that’s 10 times bigger.
2. When you’re trying to find a jungle boot and khaki that’s your size.

3. You looking for someone with a smaller or bigger size to swap with.
4. When you finally get to the hostel and try on the khaki jacket and trouser.
5. You take it to the mami market for it to be slim fitted and the tailor says it’s N1000 or more to slim fit.
6. When they slim fit it and make it worse, too tight or ‘jump up’.
7. You realize the NYSC belt is as good as useless.
8. Then, you discover the real function of the NYSC cap.
9. You decide to wash your khaki and it shrinks.
10. When strangers shout ‘corper shun’ or ‘corper wee’ and expect you to reply.
11. When you see your fellow corpers who managed to look so smart and sexy in their khakis and you wish you were them.
What was your khaki experience like?

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