Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Meet Godwin Oguzie, The founder of; as he helps you make money while you write your stories

Speaking at the launch of his website,, Mr. Godwin Oguzie, a former staff of United Nations, recounted how he started a creative write up so passionately, with so much determination to get it finished, only to get to a stage of his story and found out he could not continue. With the sincere knowledge that so many other budding, and even talented, writers go through similar situations, he decided to create a website where different people could pool their efforts together to complete a story, while they get paid at the same time for that creative effort.

The website, with its different forums, is beneficial to those who either needed someone to help start a story that they could continue or those who would be interested in making contributions to a story already started or those who need a practical platform to learn how to write. Nextscenes, as established by Mr. Godwin Oguzie, has the perfect solutions to all of these.

How it works
The site has different Forums that would suite your interest; which includes Action, Crime, Children’s Forum, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy and the Historical, which gives you enough choices to pick from. Under each forum, more categories could come up that touches on various aspects of each forum, which breaks it down further, giving you more choices.

For each forum, there is a Moderator, a moderator is the one that initiates a story and leaves it for the contributors, otherwise known as the Power Users to create the next appropriate scene to the initiated story. The Power Users are registered members of the site that would propose various scenes to the initiated story.

After the various scenes are provided, everyone, including Regular Users, who are just on the site to read and learn, would go to the discussion room and pick the most appropriate scene that tallies with the initiated story. When the best scene is picked, the Power Users propose various scenes that best continues the story, and the cycle is repeated until a complete text is achieved within a span of four months.

While the scenes are been provided by the contributors, the Moderators, who initiate the story would edit for necessary corrections, arrange the structure to appropriately achieve the beginning, climax and denouement. After appropriating all of these, the finished text is sent to a publishing house, where the editor puts a finishing touch to it before publication.

With all of the forums and categories available, about 30 complete texts would be available after the end of four months, and all 30  would be published, with the acute possibility of having not less than 5 best sellers, considering that it is the selection of the best that made the final results.

The Moderators have more works on them concerning the smooth running of the site, and are rewarded at calculated periods of time. The contributors whose scenes came out best and make the complete text, would have their names acknowledged on the published text, and would also get paid.

For the most committed regular users, who indulge in the discussions, recommendations and votes, they would constantly get rewarded with packages.

Nextscenes has been able to reach out to everyone, as it touches on various genres of creative writing, and also to different categories of writers and readers. It is indeed what the creative world has been waiting for, and it is that miracle you have waited for, for too long.

To get started, log on to, and get your muse on fire, with different people from different parts of the world.

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